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Commercial Handyman Services

Commercial Handyman Services in Central Missouri

Inspections, Maintenance Projects & Repair Services in Jefferson City, Columbia, and the Ozarks

When you make the choice to partner with Handyman Solutions, you’re no longer relying on the average chuck-in-a-truck. We are a thinking company; one that explores and then explains your options to help meet your budget, coordinates realistic scheduling and most importantly - WE CREATE SOLUTIONS.

A memorable experience with Handyman Solutions begins with our remarkable employees:

  • Our employees are both respectful & drug-free.
  • Our employees are professionally uniformed, expertly trained, motivated & well qualified
  • Our employees are FBI fingerprinted & background checked as well as registered through the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services Family Care Safety Registry for your security and peace of mind
  • Our employees are highly valued and well paid for their knowledge and skill. We search out and hire the hard to find prospects that fit our strict company culture. We then foster and encourage them to keep evolving and better themselves in the services that we provide

There is a certain amount of travel and setup time required for each and every new service call. By far the most efficient use of our time and your money is to complete as many projects as practical per visit, and within your budget, while we are already on-site.

We can easily complete those "Hey! While you’re here..." lists for you while still saving you money at the same time. Those nagging maintenance items and repairs that you’ve been putting off - or those smaller projects that you think “Nobody reputable wants to fool around with small jobs like these...” can be completed by a well-known and established company with skilled service technicians and excellent online reviews.

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Our SMART Methods Help You Succeed

Are you looking for commercial facilities maintenance and repair services in the Jefferson City, MO area, Columbia or Osage Beach areas of Mid Missouri?

Keeping your facility in excellent condition is a major priority and repairs and maintenance for the property are never finished. The core principle of any restaurant, retail store, office space, multi-residence or industrial building facility is to keep overhead low and revenue high. It’s as simple as that. No matter what you do, there will always be overhead, but just how much is up to you. We help achieve this goal by simply applying methods that are SMART.

  • SMART SPEND – As a service provider, we not only provide our trade services but also become our client’s trusted advisors. Part of our service is to help our clients spend their money in a way that increases their gains from every dollar spent – in short, spending smarter. A great deal of revenue is wasted on corrective (reactive) repairs when a fraction of that same revenue could have been spent on preventative (proactive) maintenance. This is particularly important to commercial clients that realize how important it is to protect both their reputation as well as their brand image and do it cost-effectively. This is done through three core principles: Accountability, Communication and Structure.
  • SMART VISIT – There will always be time invested in every on-site visit, and as time equals money, each visit should maximize the value delivered for each interaction. This can be accomplished by creating checklists for preventative maintenance task inspections and repairs while already accomplishing “on-demand” projects. If tasks inspected cannot be completed at the time of the visit, it allows for efficient future scheduling of those projects. This approach creates a value delivered through time savings, increased information flow and cost savings.
  • SMART SCOPE – Most repairs are subject to early detection through inspections and by learning your standards to determine when it’s time to repair or replace items. A comprehensive report will be kept listing any deficiencies found, repairs made, and future scheduling to ensure quality, efficiency, and moreover a cost-effective strategy. Through these reports we can plan to create routine scheduling for repairs and inspections as well as offer bundled services.  This gives us the ability to order materials more effectively, build an efficient overall schedule, and properly prepare to complete projects allowing for structured planning to further drive down costs.
  • SMART FIT – Downtime and delays equal lost revenue. We collaborate with you in a strategic alliance to work in collaboration on the most effective project planning to prevent these losses. It is integral to understand your intentions, needs, and goals. Through this union, an extreme impact can be made on pricing through coordinated scheduling, terms and detailed reporting. We want to guarantee that we succeed through your success.
  • SMART PLAN – This is a culmination of the SMART SCOPE and SMART FIT. It combines the preventative/proactive, bundled approach with the on-demand component, effectively absorbing work orders into on-demand visits.

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Building Relationships, Planning Maintenance, and Repair Solutions

Handyman Solutions understands that your company’s needs are unique from every other business in your industry. You may need us as your on-call emergency service or perhaps as your go-to maintenance professionals. No matter what, our promise remains the same: we will provide you with quality facility maintenance, along with exceptional customer service.

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Meeting Your Expectations, Upholding Your Standards

When you choose to work with Handyman Solutions, we make it our responsibility to maintain your carefully crafted standards by employing only pleasant, well-dressed and expertly trained service technicians to complete your inspections and repairs. 

Handyman Solutions is here to ensure that your employees’ or visitors’ experiences are not compromised by unsightly or unsafe deferred maintenance, neglect and safety hazards. We’ll follow your corporate maintenance plan to the letter - or we can use our own vast experience to develop a custom plan just for you. Check out some of the typical projects we do below.

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When scheduling our work, we want to limit the disruption to your business as much as possible. We take into account noise, prep of work area, odors and drying times in our scheduling. That’s why we give you the option to schedule work during the hours the business is not operating or at least during slow periods.

If time-sensitivity does not allow for this, we take great care to be as unobtrusive and non-disruptive as possible. Typical emergency maintenance projects may include repair of leaks, fixtures or bathroom facilities.

Check out some of the typical projects we offer below and reach out to our team today!

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Typical Projects Include:

General Interior Services

  • Retail Store rollouts
  • Interior re-paints and drywall repair
  • Cash-wrap and fixture repair or modification
  • Assemble or repair hospital beds, lift chairs, wheelchairs & other medical devices
  • Assemble or repair furniture, shelving, and cabinets
  • Unload/ accept deliveries at our warehouse or on-site
  • Replace drop-in ceiling tile and light lenses
  • Replace hard to access light bulbs and/or fixtures
  • Carpentry and trim work
  • Minor electrical and plumbing repair/ modifications
  • Flooring repair
  • Safety upgrades

General Exterior services

  • Wheelchair ramps - temporary or permanent
  • Leak management and repair
  • Professional Caulking / Sealing / Vermin Proofing
  • Deck, catwalk, stairwell restoration, and repair
  • Exterior storefront, siding, shutter, and décor install/ repair
  • Dumpster area repair
  • Fence, gate and lockset installation/ repair
  • Cement grinding, patching, and repair
  • General hauling
  • Gutter & downspout cleaning & repair
  • Repaint & touch up
  • Exterior table, chair, & stool adjustments & repair

Kitchen and Dining Area

  • Entrance, exit, swing door, cabinet door repair
  • Caulking, sealing and vermin proofing
  • Drywall and F.R.P. installation and repair
  • Floor tile, wall tile, cove tile repair
  • Epoxy floor grouting
  • Lighting fixture repair
  • Ceiling tile replacement
  • Shelving installation & repair
  • Stainless steel splash guard custom fit and installation
  • Stainless steel corner custom fit and installation
  • Stainless steel fixture installation and repair

Commercial Doors

  • Repair or adjust troublesome doors
  • Hardware adjustment, repair & replacement
  • Painting & touch up
  • Repair or replace commercial weather-strip
  • Install locksets, deadbolts & kick plates
  • Install door closers, continuous hinges & panic bars
  • Install peephole or safety/security window

Restroom Areas

  • A.D.A. accessories, install & repair
  • Exhaust fan - clean, repair or replace
  • Caulking/sealing
  • Floor, wall, cove base tile/grout repair
  • FRP installation/repair
  • Partition installation, adjustment & repair using "manufacturer specified" replacement parts
  • Dispenser repair or new install
  • Baby changing station installation & repair
  • Updates & remodels

Safety & Security

  • A.D.A. modifications, install or repair
  • Wheelchair ramps - temporary or permanent
  • Handrail & grab bar install or repair
  • Trip hazard identification & removal
  • Concrete grinding
  • Caution/safety color painting
  • Door back-pressure adjustment
  • Handicap signage

Facility Inspection Services

  • ADA Compliance inspections
  • Corporate retail and restaurant inspections
  • Deferred maintenance inspections
  • Rental housing inspections
  • Pre-REAC inspections
  • UPCS inspections
  • REO inspections

Caulking / Sealing / Vermin Proofing

  • Doors, windows, trim
  • Around sinks, countertops & plumbing fixtures
  • Vermin entry cracks, holes, voids, etc.

Concrete and Masonry

  • Concrete grinding, patching & repair
  • Epoxy welding
  • Expansion joint maintenance & replacement
  • Commercial grade waterproofing
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