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Carry bars

Spring Latch Carry bars
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Spring Latch
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Spring Latch Carry bars
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Carry Bars

Get Carried Away

Selecting the proper carry bar is just as important as selecting the correct sling and lifting device. The variety of carry bars ensures that comfort is maximized while ensuring a better lifting experience.


Sling Bar: a two-point aluminum sling bar available in three width variations: SlingBar S, SlingBar M, SlingBar L.

  • SlingBar S: narrower profile makes it more suitable for lifting of smaller adults and children; also suitable for gait training with the WalkingVest
  • SlingBar M: standard sling bar measures 17.7 in (450 mm) wide
  • SlingBar L: wider sling bar provides increased room within the sling, making it an excellent choice for bariatric or pain-sensitive users

Sling Bar RFL X4: a stable four-point steel sling crossbar that provides more space in the sling for bariatric or pain-sensitive users


SlingBarSpreader M: provides more room within a sling.

SlingBarWrap: soft protection for SlingBar.

SwiftHook: allows for easier swapping of sling bars or connecting scales.

RoomTransferHook: for easy transfers of users from one room to another; includes a quick release for SlingBar and ceiling lift units.

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