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Let’s Fly Rollator

Let’s Fly Rollator Standing LR Gray
Let’s Fly Rollator Sitting
Let’s Fly Rollator Standing
Let’s Fly Rollator Standing LR
Let’s Fly Rollator Standing LR Gray thumbnail
Let’s Fly Rollator Sitting thumbnail
Let’s Fly Rollator Standing thumbnail
Let’s Fly Rollator Standing LR thumbnail
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Let’s Fly Rollator Standing LR Gray
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Let’s Fly Rollator Sitting
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Let’s Fly Rollator Standing
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Let’s Fly Rollator Standing LR

Let’s Fly Rollator Standing LR Gray thumbnailLet’s Fly Rollator Sitting thumbnailLet’s Fly Rollator Standing thumbnailLet’s Fly Rollator Standing LR thumbnail

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Let’s Fly Rollator

FOLDABLE: Lightweight frame easily folds to store or transport in a car
BUILT-IN SEAT: Comfortable seat & back rest for breaks wherever you are
STORAGE BAG: Removable bag with shoulder strap to carry personal items
LOCKING-BRAKES: Control movement & lock the wheels when sitting
ADJUSTABLE: Easily adjust the handle height from 31″-36″
STYLISH: Swedish-designed & available in white, red, beige, or gray

Premium design.

Let’s Fly – first class.

Let’s Fly is one of the most distinguished walkers in the world today when it comes to design and function. At one of the largest aid-related exhibitions in Germany, it was selected as the most beautifully designed product at the exhibition. This Outdoor rollator is made out of solid cast aluminum and can be associated with the most extreme designed products in the world. It is both lightweight and sturdy.



Design, function and ergonomics.

The ergonomically designed rubber handles on Let’s Fly gives you a safe and comfortable grip. The handles have a small bump in front of your thumb to give extra support. Beneath the rubber grip is the brake handle that has a screw to adjust the brakes. The handles on Let’s Fly are adjustable between 31″-36″ to suit different users. Lets fly gives you a comfortable walk wherever you decide to go.



Award winning design.

Let’s Fly has been recognized all over the world as one of the leading rollators when it comes to design today. This outdoor rollator combines design and function in a unique way and fulfills all the demands the user and the markets have when it comes to quality and design.


Elegant and safe.

The rollator is kept unfolded by a lock under the seat. To fold the rollator, lift the seat from the hole in the middle. The lock is then released and the rollator folds up. To unfold the rollator, press the seat down. The seat on Let’s Fly is made of brown artificial leather with a beautiful white seam. It is soft and comfortable to sit on, yet water resistant and durable. The strap in the middle is used when folding. When the rollator is folded it is only about 8″ wide, it stands by itself and is easy to take with you. The bag that comes as an accessory is also easily folded together with the rollator.


“Easy to bring anywhere”

“My daughter bought the Let’s Fly for me when i walked with a crutch after my stroke. It’s a fantastic rollator. My life changed instantly, now i can walk much better and i have become more independent. It’s also really beautiful to look at.”

Anne Watson, Southampton, England

Limited Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime warranty on the frame and other structural parts.  5 year limited warranty on the braking system, but does not include normal wear and tear items such as the brake pads, wheels, handle grips, etc



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